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Squid Game 3D Survival Squad

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Do you want that Treasure in Squid Game ? You must be brave enough to take it. Squid Game 456 : Survival Challenge Game is the interesting and captivating three-D traditional simulator Squid Game K- video games which can be based on well-known childhood Korean Squid Game, this sport guarantees to carry you the maximum realistic revel in of the main individual - Player 456. HOW TO PLAY SQUID GAME - Green Light, Red Light: The rule that you have to keep in thoughts is Stop whilst crimson and Run whilst inexperienced - Dalgona Challenge: Break the sweet with to come out with extraordinary form like: big name, umbrella, circle,... - Tug of War: Use your power to win in opposition to the opposite institution. Remember handiest 50% of you'll live to tell the tale on this recreation - Marble Rolling: Play marbles in the right hollow in a single shot, do not permit rival win this sport - Glass Stepping Stone: Choose the proper glass stone in order that your destiny wont end regretfully - More and More Get equipped to project these video games: - Red mild Green light - Candy carving - Tug of struggle - Glass bridge - Marble playground - Ddakji Paper flip